Ictus Films LTD is a Cyprus-based film production company. It was established in May 2018 by Valentina Fedonos aiming to produce documentary and fiction films. 

HLA was the first documentary produced by the company in 2018. In September 2019 Ictus Films Produced the play EREVOS written and directed by Valentina Fedonos. The proceeds from the production were given towards the treatment of patients with haematological malignancies in collaboration with Istera Irthe I Anoixi, a non profit organization.


Valentina Fedonos

Valentina Fedonos studied drama in Athens-Greece and worked as an actress for the National Theatre Of Northern Greece, for CYBC in Cyprus and she has also worked in UK. She was trained at the University of Westminster in Film And TV Production. 

In January 2016 she started filming her first feature documentary film HLA which premiered at the 20th International Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival in March 2018 and it is now in the process of the festival circuit.