"HLA" Film

When his son dies from leukaemia, Michael Karaiskakis donates the money he raised for his son's treatment to create the first Bone Marrow Registry in Cyprus. The "HLA" feature length documentary follows the cases Karaiskakio Foundation is involved in while exploring the story of Karaiskaki's family.



During the early stages of exploring the refugee crisis I met many people. As I was chatting or simply observing – without even filming – I’ve experienced an odd situation; people started asking me to take a picture of them. Their kids or even family photos. Initially I just did but as the days were passing by and the same thing happened across many locations and all the ethnicities of people I came across a question started growing inside me “Why on earth do they want me to take a picture of them? They wont even see it, ever!” Then I couldn’t help myself and I just asked a Syrian boy who knew English. This was his response; “We just want to exist somehow, leave a trace behind.”

I was shocked when actually thought the meaning of his words. When in War we are all numbers. Just that. So I’ve decided to start a special section in my website and upload all those portraits hoping that those people will finally get to see them. Every person who has been photographed by me has a card with the address of this website. Please go to my Blog to find out more. 

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