Turning Point Documentary

When approached by “Oasis Reaching for your Dreams” NPO Organization, 8 gang-members decide to start over their lives. They spend 3 months in a camp and through street soccer they attempt to rehabilitate and join their community again. 

In August 2013 they are chosen to travel from South Africa to Poznan Poland to represent their country and compete for the Homeless World Cup. 

Using their life experiences as a weapon they now join forces with “Oasis Reaching for your Dreams” to inspire youth and prevent them from street life. 

Through following the lives of these 8 people we are introduced to themes that extend beyond homelessness, addiction, street soccer and poverty; the characters are mirroring the biggest population of the deprived part of South Africa that are struggling for survival in the slums. Though delving with heartbreaking stories, “Turning Point” is a triumph of personal struggle and sees things through a positive spectrum. 

This documentary is not a film that one watches from the coziness of his couch. I like to consider it as “a call for action”. And I shall explain what I mean; upon completion we are planning to circulate it not only in highly respected film festivals but also in schools in South Africa and in the slums. What I am trying to do is to use it as a tool to inspire youngsters to stay away from gang related activities.